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Year end summary
20/12/2010 Year end summary

This is the end of the boating year for 2010 as the water at Sidney Park lake has now been
lowered by the Council in readiness for a complete drain off and clean out in January prior
to it being refilled in February...

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Cleaning of Sydney Park pond
05/04/2010 Cleaning of Sydney Park pond

Last year we had started to get a few problems with weed and debris etc. in the lake. These were proving to be hazardous to our model boats, where fouling the props was becoming a problem. Those of us with yachts were also experiencing difficulties. It was decided that our members would try to sort the problem out themselves by donning waders and raking out as much weed as possible. It proved to be an onerous task, but we managed to clear large amounts of growth and debris etc. In actual fact, this really was a job for the council as the lake is part of a local park, so we approached them with a view to them clearing even more of the debris...

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